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Amazing Minesweeper World Records

The expert Minesweeper world record is the fastest completion time achieved on the expert level of the game. The expert level is the most challenging difficulty setting, with a grid size of 16x30 and 99 mines.

Incredibly, in 2020, a 12 year old boy, Ze-En Ju, broke a ten year world record for the fastest Minesweeper speedrun on an expert board with an amazing 29.43 seconds. This broke the record from 2010 by a full 1.7 seconds, which is huge. The previous record was set by Kamil Muranski, who solved the board in just 31.133 seconds.

Ju also ranks in other difficulty Minesweeper levels, with a 35th place in Beginner Minesweeper speedruns with 0.28 seconds! If you can believe it though, the world record currently stands at 0.09 seconds! Even we have a hard time comprehending that here at 247 Minesweeper! Ju’s intermediate minesweeper time is 2nd in the world, at 8.76 seconds, only ¼ of a second behind the first place record holder. Color us impressed!

Achieving such a fast completion time requires exceptional skill, precision, and a deep understanding of Minesweeper strategies and techniques. Players must make quick and accurate decisions, flagging potential mine locations and deducing safe squares based on the numbers revealed on the grid. Mouse precision and pattern recognition are sure to play a large part in this impressive speed run feat that Ju was able to accomplish.

What is fun is that Minesweeper speedrunning is a competitive and evolving field, and new records may be set in the future. The Minesweeper community is active and passionate, with players constantly pushing the boundaries of what is considered possible in terms of completion times. Maybe you are meant to be the next Minesweeper speedrun champion! Test your skills at 247 Minesweeper and challenge the world to your best time daily on our Minesweeper Daily Challenge. 24/7 Games can’t wait to see what you and Ju can do next!


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