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How to Play Minesweeper
(For Beginners & Nostalgic Refresh!)

The minesweeper game board consists of a grid of squares, some of which contain hidden mines. The objective of Minesweeper is to uncover all the squares on the grid that do not contain mines, without detonating any mines. The numbers on the uncovered squares indicate how many mines are adjacent to that square.

Fortunately, playing minesweeper has never been easier with your computer and mobile devices! 247 Minesweeper is here to facilitate your play all day long and help you win every game! Follow our guide below to learn how to play minesweeper, or just for a quick refresh of this fun nostalgic game!

The Basics of Minesweeper?

Minesweeper: How to start

Start by clicking on any square on the minesweeper grid. If the square you click on is a mine, you lose the game. If it is not a mine, it will reveal a number or be blank. The number indicates how many mines are adjacent to that square.Use the numbers revealed on the squares to deduce the locations of mines. For example, if a square has a "1" on it, it means there is one mine adjacent to that square. If a square has a "2" on it, there are two mines nearby, and so on.

Flagging in Minesweeper

If you suspect a square contains a mine, you can right-click (or click the flag button on mobile devices) to place a flag on that square. This helps you keep track of potential mine locations. Be cautious not to flag squares incorrectly, as it may lead to mistakes.

Clearing Minesweeper Squares to Win

To clear a minesweeper square, left-click (or tap) on it. If the square you clear is blank, it will reveal all adjacent squares automatically. If the square you clear has a number on it, it will only reveal that square. When you clear a square that has no adjacent mines, it will automatically clear all adjacent squares as well. This can trigger a chain reaction, revealing multiple squares at once.

Continue clearing squares and flagging potential mine locations until you have uncovered all non-mine squares. If you successfully uncover all non-mine squares, you win the game. If you click on a square that contains a mine, you lose the game. The game will end, and you can choose to start a new game and try again.

247 Minesweeper is the Place to Play

247 Minesweeper offers different difficulty levels: easy, medium,hard, and expert. The higher the difficulty level, the larger the grid and the more mines there are to uncover.

247 Minesweeper is a game of logic, deduction, and risk assessment. With practice, you can improve your skills and become more efficient at uncovering squares while avoiding mines.


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